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Large Mailbox Removal
Program to Remove Large Mailboxes
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Roswell Transportation Department
Phone: 770-594-6420
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Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fixed-Object Mailbox Removal
✔ Public Safety Issue
✔ Voluntary
✔ Free

Brick or Stone/Large Fixed-Object Mailboxes

As the result of two fatalities that occurred in 2017 when a vehicle left the roadway and struck a large brick mailbox, the City of Roswell is informing residents that City Policy (Code 18.2.1, Section D: "Obstruction of Street or Right-of-Way") prohibits large fixed-object mailboxes.

These large mailboxes being referenced are typically made from brick or stone and likely would not break away if struck by a vehicle. To help improve public safety, the City of Roswell is currently offering homeowners the option to have the City remove and dispose of your brick or stone mailbox at no cost (for free). This is a voluntary program for our homeowners. The homeowner would only be responsible for purchasing and installing a new post mailbox that meets United States Postal Service guidelines.

If you as a Roswell homeowner would like to schedule a time to get your brick or stone mailbox removed for free by the City, please contact the City of Roswell Department of Transportation (RDOT) at 770-594-6420.


The application form that must be signed by the homeowner and submitted to RDOT is available below. Before scheduling, RDOT suggests you have your new mailbox purchased so you can install it to avoid any disruption in home mail delivery.


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  • Can I be found liable (or sued) if I do not remove my mailbox?
  • Will the City fine a homeowner if they do not remove their brick or stone mailbox?
  • Do I have to remove my brick or stone mailbox?
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