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Mission Statement

Roswell Reads promotes the value of reading, literacy, and lifelong learning through the shared community-wide experience of reading and discussing a common book. Readers are able to collectively examine relevant issues, establish bonds, and forge a better understanding of their community and society.

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City of Roswell
Friends of the Roswell Library
Friends of the East Roswell Library
Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System
Roswell Rotary Club

About Us

Roswell Reads History

In 2005, Roswell Reads conceptualized as the brain-child of Roswell citizen, Ann Siebert, who expressed interest in starting a literacy program for the community. In keeping with the One City-One Read concept, the program was formed by a steering committee with staff from the City of Roswell and members of the Roswell Library and Friends of Roswell Library. That same year, members of the committee probed Roswell residents for assistance in picking Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam as the first-ever Roswell Reads book.

Since its first year, Roswell Reads has committed to spreading its mission of promoting the value of reading, literacy, and lifelong learning through the shared community-wide experience of reading and discussing a common book. In addition to the annual Literary Luncheon in March, programming has grown to include a writing workshop, selection of an accompanying children’s book and associated programming for families, as well as a community event in keeping with the theme of the book selection. Roswell Reads has consistently been recognized locally and nationally for its efforts and continues to bring nationally-known authors to Roswell to help fulfill its mission.

The Roswell Reads book selection is announced at the December Roswell Mayor and Council Meeting. Roswell Reads takes place annually in February and March.

Roswell Reads Committee

  • Deanna Smith, Chair
  • Marilyn Baron, Co-Chair
  • Kayron Bearden
  • Deanna Boe
  • Kathy Cioffi
  • Lisa Dossey
  • Annelle Gerson
  • Simone Hanson
  • Vanya Hristova
  • Becky Lukovic
  • Julia Padgett
  • Marlena Salters
  • Judy Stanton
  • Debbie Weiss

Roswell Reads Selections

Selecting the Roswell Reads Book

The Roswell Reads Steering Committee is made up of 15 members of the community from diverse backgrounds. Members must reside, work or volunteer in North Fulton and must be members of the Friends of the Roswell or East Roswell Library. Besides sharing a love of books, members bring skills in education, public relations, grant writing, and project management to the committee. Branch Managers of the Roswell and East Roswell Libraries and staff from the City of Roswell's Cultural Arts Department are also represented.

The Steering Committee meets at least monthly and is charged with selecting a book for the annual Literary Luncheon in March, where the author is invited to speak. Criteria for choosing the book include:

  • Southern Connection: The author or setting should have a connection to the Southeastern United States.
  • Subject: The subject of the book should be of interest to a broad range of people in the city and to people of various ages. It should stimulate discussion, raise community issues, and examine values.
  • Writing: The book should be well written with compelling issues, characters and themes.
  • Author: The author should be available to attend a Roswell Reads event at a price within the Roswell Reads budget. Explore new authors. Research author's speaking ability.
  • Availability: The book should be in print and readily available. (Ideally in paperback, electronic, audio and large type formats; affordable priced)
  • Length: Ideally, the book should range between 200-350 pages.
  • Diversity: A variety of authors, subjects and themes should be explored.
In addition to selecting the Roswell Read book of the year, the Steering Committee is also charged with planning and promoting the Literary Luncheon along with associated events. These may include a writing workshop conducted by the author; a family program with activities based on a children's book selection that reflects the theme of the Roswell Read book and community outreach to an organization that reflects the concerns addressed in the book selection.

Previous Roswell Reads Selections

  • 2018
    Burial for a King
    by Rebecca Burns
    Burial for a King
  • 2017
    The Underdogs
    by Melissa Fay Green
    The Underdogs
  • 2016
    What Stands In A Storm
    by Kim Cross
    What Stands In A Storm
  • 2015
    The Distance Between Us
    by Reyna Grande
    The Distance Between Us
  • 2014
    Someone Else's Love Story
    by Joshilyn Jackson
    Someone Elses Love Story
  • 2013
    Sweeping Up Glass
    by Carolyn Wall
    Sweeping Up Glass
  • 2012
    Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter
    by Tom Franklin
    Crooked Letter
  • 2011
    My Name is Mary Sutter
    by Robin Oliveira
    My Name is Mary Sutter
  • 2010
    Outcasts United - A Refugee Soccer Team, An American Town, by Warren St. John
    Outcasts United
  • 2009
    by Nathan McCall
  • 2008
    The Memory Keeper's Daughter
    by Kim Edwards
    Memory Keepers Daughter
  • 2007
    The Valley of Light
    by Terry Kay
    Valley of Light
  • 2006
    Rocket Boys
    by Homer Hickam
    Rocket Boys

Book Clubs

Roswell Reads encourages area book clubs to plan to leave a month open in their annual book club calendars (January, February or March) to read and discuss the Roswell Reads book selection. The 2019 selection will be announced at the Roswell City Council meeting in December 2018.