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Roswell Police Divisions & Units

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Office of the Chief

Message from Chief James W. Conroy

I am humbled and honored to serve as the Chief of Police for the City of Roswell. I thank Mayor Henry, the Roswell City Council and City Administrator Palmer for their support and their confidence in my ability to lead this department.

The Roswell Police Department has a long history of providing excellent service to this community. I am excited to be a part of that tradition and a to be a part of this team. You have my assurance that we will continue to provide excellent service, focusing on community policing by embracing the pillars of 21st Century Policing and the principles of Procedural Justice.

21st Century Policing is a comprehensive framework for providing service to the community while cultivating high quality employees. The pillars of 21st Century Policing include:
  • Building Trust and Legitimacy
  • Policy and Oversight
  • Community Policing and Crime Reduction
  • Technology and Social Media
  • Training and Education
  • Officer Safety and Wellness
Procedural Justice refers to the idea of fairness in the processes that resolve disputes and allocate resources. It is a concept that promotes positive organizational change and helps to improve relationships. The principles of Procedural Justice include:
  • Opportunities for Voice
  • Fairness in the processes
  • Impartiality in decision making
  • Transparency in actions
The Roswell Police Department is comprised of dedicated men and women who work hard each day to improve public safety and help make the City of Roswell a great place to live, work and play. Roswell continues to be listed as one of the safest cities in Georgia and in the Metro Atlanta area. The responsibility of public safety is not only a job for the police. Public safety is a shared responsibility among all of us who live, work and play in this fine city. Together, we will improve public safety and ensure that the Roswell Police Department is the premier law enforcement agency in Georgia.

Thank you,

James W. Conroy
Chief of Police
James W Conroy
James W. Conroy
Chief of Police
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Uniform Patrol Division
Kyle Ratliff
Interim Captain Kyle Ratliff
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Uniform Patrol

Uniform Patrol is the backbone of the Police Department and the most visible in the community. Uniform Patrol officers work a 12-hour shift schedule working from either 6 AM - 6  PM or 6 PM - 6 AM. Uniform Patrol officers utilize a variety of skills, training, tools, and techniques to address criminal activity, quality of life concerns, traffic problems, and emergencies. A patrol officer's day-to-day tasks may include writing reports, conducting traffic investigations, issuing citations, making arrests, calming unrest, conducting preliminary criminal investigations, and interacting with the community. Uniform Patrol officers also engage in proactive patrols in between calls for service. Proactive patrols may include traffic stops, suspicious activity checks, directed patrols based on intelligence or statistical data, and preventative premise checks. Officers are usually assigned to specific areas of the city. These areas are called Zones. This helps maintain proper geographical response coverage across the city. The Uniform Patrol division is comprised of several smaller subsections.

Traffic Enforcement Unit

The Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU)'s goal is to reduce the number of traffic accidents/fatalities and to gain voluntary compliance to Georgia's traffic laws by continually making traffic stops in high complaint areas and high accident locations. TEU is responsible for the enforcement of the State's traffic codes. TEU focuses much of its activity based on statistical data and citizen requests. TEU is comprised of motorcycle officers, the DUI task force, and Hit & Run accidents investigations. The unit focuses on highly visible enforcement of traffic laws in the City such as speed limits in school zones, problem areas in neighborhoods and rush hour traffic in the morning and evening. Members of TEU are also highly-trained in the technical aspects of accident investigation and reconstruction.

TEU coordinates and primarily staffs all traffic and security positions for special events, both City Sponsored and Non-City Sponsored. TEU is also responsible for working school crossing positions when a crossing guard is unavailable. Our Crossing Guards work 22 positions at 8 different schools throughout Roswell.

K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit consists of four teams, one K-9 and one handler per team. The teams support all divisions of the Department. They perform a variety of tasks to include drug and article detection, suspect apprehension, and special event appearances. Vehicles for the K-9 team are equipped with a special cage for the K-9, a heat sensor system to regulate the temperature of the K-9 while inside the vehicle, and the hot and pop system that allows the handler to release the K-9 when needed. The K-9 is considered to be a police officer and even has its own first aid kit if needed.

Communications Division (911 Center)
Melissa Alterio
Melissa Alterio
911 Communications Director
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The Communications Center provides dispatch and E911 services for the cities of Roswell and Mountain Park, to include police and fire/rescue services. The dispatchers are responsible for ten E911 phone lines and over forty emergency and non-emergency phone lines. Dispatchers are Emergency Medical Dispatch, CPR, GCIC and POST certified.


Criminal Investigations Division
Danny Bates
Captain Danny Bates
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Persons Crimes Section

The Persons Crimes Section within CID is responsible for investigating deaths, robberies, rapes, aggravated assaults and crimes against children, missing persons, juvenile runaways, and general crimes of violence. A specially trained juvenile crimes investigator is also assigned to this section.

Property Crimes Section

The Property Crimes Section is responsible for investigating crimes such as burglary, auto theft, fraud, general thefts, and computer crimes. This includes investigators that are assigned specifically to "White Collar Crimes" which encompasses internet related fraud, money laundering, mortgage fraud and crimes involving computers.

Crime Scene Processing Unit

Roswell Police Crime Scene Investigators respond to critical incidents where the collection of evidence requires special tools or training. A variety of traditional and modern tools are used both on the scene and in our own lab to assist Detectives and prosecutors.

Criminal Intelligence Analyst

A Criminal Intelligence Analyst is responsible for analyzing data to identify patterns, trends and linkages in criminal activity. This facilitates smarter directed patrols and improves overall efficiency in apprehending criminals and curbing specific problems. The Criminal Intelligence Analyst uses numerous software applications to detect and present these findings.

Special Investigations Division

The Crime Suppression Unit (CSU)

CSU is an investigative support unit responsible for identifying and addressing specific crime problems and trends within the City. Flexibility is the key to this specialized unit. By using overt and covert means, CSU is able to focus resources on specific types of criminals and areas by being proactive and creative. This versatile street-level unit has the ability to address gang activity one day and drug enforcement the next. They can execute a burglary suppression operation then switch to enforcement of City codes and permits.

Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit specializes in detecting, investigating, and prosecuting those persons who violate the laws in reference to illegal narcotics in the City of Roswell. This includes production, manufacturing, distribution, sale, and chronic use. Investigations can come from a variety of sources, including citizen complaints and anonymous tips, as well as cases referred to the unit by other officers or agencies.

Support Services Division
Ken McRae
Captain Ken McRae
Contact Captain McRae

Property & Evidence

The evidence technician is responsible for receiving, storing, and handling all evidence and property as well as ensuring that paperwork for all items are correctly submitted and logged into the police database by case number and storage location. The evidence technician transports evidence to the GBI crime lab for processing and testifies in court to the chain of custody of evidence. Upon adjudication, items could be returned to the rightful owner, destroyed, or auctioned. Roswell Police Department uses, an online police auctions center.


The Records Section receives, maintains and distributes records of police activity within the department. This section responds to all open records requests including accident and incident reports and any request for documentation relating to Police activity.


Permits provides enforcement of select business licensing ordinances by reviewing applications, collecting fees and issuing permits for liquor pouring and handling, massage therapy, vehicles for hire and public solicitation licenses. They also provide fingerprinting service to the public.

Community Relations Unit

The Community Relations Unit provides educational classes, Neighborhood Watch training programs, events such as National Night Out and opportunities for citizens to get involved such as Citizens' Police Academy. Members of this unit can often be seen in schools, businesses and at community events speaking with citizens of all ages. Media relations, including social media, is also a responsibility of the Community Relations Unit. The Community Relations Unit also has a Crime Free Housing Office that works as a direct liaison between apartment complex management companies and the Police Department. The Community Relations Unit also actively sponsors and oversees the Police Explorers Program and is actively seeking new members to participate.

Quick, late-breaking information is regularly broadcasted through NIXLE, Twitter (@RoswellGAPolice) and Facebook (RoswellGAPolice).


Office of Professional Standards
Charles Greco
Interim Captain Charles Greco
Contact Captain Greco
The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) reports directly to the Chief of Police and is responsible for Internal Affairs, Research and Planning, Accreditation and Selection. The mission of this office is to ensure the integrity of the Department and its personnel through impartial investigation and developmental management support. The Roswell Police Department has been nationally accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) since 1995.


The Training Unit is responsible for ensuring all personnel receive the most up-to-date information and training relating to all aspects of the job. The Police Department's Training Officer and staff organizes and coordinates the Field Training Officer (FTO) Program and other advanced training classes. Many of these classes are presented at the Roswell-Alpharetta Public Safety Training Center (RAPSTC). One priority of the Training Unit is the goal of having 100% of Roswell Police Officers Crisis Intervention Team CIT certified. CIT helps Police Officers better handle situations involving people with mental health issues. More information on the CIT program can be found at

Part-Time Units

North Fulton SWAT

North Fulton Special Weapons And Tactics (North Fulton S.W.A.T.) is a multi-agency tactical unit made up of officers from Roswell Police, Alpharetta Police, and Milton Police. Team members work a variety of full-time assignments and hold various ranks within their respective jurisdictions. These officers come together as North Fulton S.W.A.T. to handle critical incidents. North Fulton S.W.A.T. ensures specially trained and equipped personnel are immediately available to all three jurisdictions, which is critical in emergency situations. North Fulton S.W.A.T. responds to high risk calls needing special skills and equipment and is also called upon to serve certain high risk warrants. CNT responds with SWAT to calls such as barricaded subjects, hostage situations and incidents involving mentally unstable persons.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is made up of members from various divisions. The unit began in 1996 and participates in numerous special events for the community. The unit is best recognized for their honored contribution to the Roswell Memorial Day Observance at the Roswell Vietnam Faces of War Memorial, the Nation Day of Prayer, and the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony. The members of this unit schedule practice meetings in order to hone their skills and present a professional and uniform appearance. The Honor Guard team is comprised of the Roswell Police and Fire Departments and conduct a 21 gun salute with the presentation of our Nation's colors.

Reserve Officers

Reserve Officers are part-time officers who supplement Uniform Patrol and have the same training and authority as full-time officers. They work on a unique schedule that allows them to fill in gaps in scheduling and help when there are special events or critical incidents.These staffing needs consist of working on patrol squads, special events, criminal investigations and more.

Bicycle Patrol

The Bicycle Patrol Unit is made up of police officers from varying units within the police department. Each officer must complete a Bicycle Patrol certification course before joining the unit. Bicycle Patrol offers our officers the ability to be more mobile in contained areas and situations, such as, park trails, special events, corridors, and off-road locations.