All indoor City facilities are closed to the public until further notice. Please visit for information regarding the City of Roswell coronavirus response.

Observing & Reporting Suspicious Activity

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If you become aware of suspicious activity, please:
  • Record as many details as is possible
  • Notify the appropriate authorities as soon as possible

Event Descriptions
If you happen to notice possible terrorist activity, when reporting the event, please describe the following:

  • Who did I observe?
  • What specifically did I see?
  • Where did I observe the suspicious behavior?
  • When did I observe the suspicious behavior?
  • Why do I think the behavior is suspicious?

Improving Observation Skills
The following are ways to improve your observation skills:

  • Employ good listening skills
  • Do not let personal feelings interfere with the incident
  • Look at the entire situation before making a judgment
  • Watch for non-verbal communication signs
  • Use feedback to obtain and verify information or observations
  • Observe and report
  • Do not become personally involved

Reporting Suspicious Activities
Please report suspicious activities by calling 9-1-1.