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Reporting A Rape
Report the Crime Immediately: Call 9-1-1
The police can only arrest a criminal if they are made aware of the offense. If you are raped, call the police immediately; and if available, call your local rape crisis center.

Do not change your clothes or take a bath or shower. All physical evidence, including seminal fluids, hair, blood types, and scrapings of flesh from the victim's nails are used in court.

Information Most Needed By Police
  • Car license plate, make, model, and color
  • Race of assailant
  • Approximate age, weight, and height
  • Hair color and length
  • Color of eyes
  • Clothing
  • Any unusual marks, scars, tattoos, rings, etc.
  • Any facial hair or odors

Practice being observant so that if you are raped or attacked, you will be able to remember and identify the assailant.

What Is Being Done?
Across the state, police departments, hospitals, and prosecutors' offices have revised and updated their policies and procedures. Legislatures have amended laws to provide protection and encouragement for the victims of rape. Citizen groups have organized rape crisis centers to provide support and counseling to victims and their families.

Personal safety, however, must begin with the individual. Help protect yourself by taking the steps to protect yourself from sexual assaults.

Safety Tips for Rape Prevention