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How to Protect You and Your Car

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Be Prepared
Even the most careful driver can be faced with an emergency situation. Use your common sense and these tips to help protect yourself from danger.

If your car should break down and you are not near enough to one of your safe spots, follow these steps:
  • Get off the roadway, out of the path of oncoming traffic, even if you have to drive on a flat tire.
  • Turn on your emergency flashers. If you have emergency roadway flares in your trunk, position them conspicuously.
  • Raise the hood and tie a handkerchief to the aerial or door handle.
  • If a roadside telephone or call-box is handy, use it. If not, sit in your locked car and wait for help.
  • If a motorist stops to render assistance, it is better to remain in the car and ask them to get help.
    • Likewise, if you see a stranded motorist, it is better not to stop. Notify the police instead.

If you think you are being followed, follow these steps:
  • Don't drive home. You would only be telling the follower where you live.
  • Stay calm. As long as you think clearly, you will be in control of the situation.
  • Flash your lights and sound your horn long enough to attract attention to you, and consequently the person following you.
  • Drive to one of your already identified safe spots, sounding your horn and flashing your lights. Do not leave this safe location until you are sure your follower is gone.