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Myths & Facts

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Myths & Facts

Common Myth


I can make the trip overnight, avoiding daytime traffic. The chances of falling asleep at the wheel after your normal bed time, especially in the early hours of the morning, are very high.
I'll start the trip after work. This is the worst time to begin your trip. Though you might not realize it, you will be tired already. You should get a good night's sleep and start your journey the next day.
I'll take plenty of music to keep me awake, or turn the radio up loud. This might help in the short term, but will not help your concentration and might even cause you to fall asleep.
I'll take a flask of coffee to keep me awake. Coffee might make you feel more alert for a short while, but if you are tired nothing can improve your concentration.
Plenty of fresh air through the window will keep me awake. This might help for a while, but if you are tired nothing can improve your concentration.

Remember These Easy Tips
  • Plan your trip with a good night's sleep.
  • If possible, start your trip early in the day and don't drive late into the night. The chances of crashing are much higher at night.
  • Take regular breaks. Stop in a town on the way or at a roadside rest stop, and get out of the car and walk around.
  • Share the driving if you can.
  • Stay somewhere overnight so you can arrive alive, even if it is the next day.
  • Eat properly on journeys. Do not eat too much or too little, and eat at your regular meal times. This will ensure you take proper breaks.
  • Do not drink alcohol at all before driving or during rest breaks.
  • Once drowsiness sets in, there is nothing you can do about it except stop immediately and take a break.

Note: Information supplied by the Australian Federal Office of Road Safety.