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Driver Fatigue

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Not a Crime, but Possibly Just as Fatal
Driver fatigue, or tiredness, is not like any other road safety hazard. Unlike drunken driving or speeding, tiredness is not a crime, but it can be just as fatal. Although difficult to measure, fatigue is known to be a factor in up to one third of serious crashes, and falling asleep at the wheel contributes to many hundreds of deaths and injuries on our roads every year.

The problem with fatigue is that drivers do not realize they are too tired to drive safely. This usually happens when the left side wheels leave the asphalt or when the car veers over the center line. This is too late. It is only luck that the car does not strike a guide post, tree, or worse; a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

You can feel fatigue coming on, but by trying to fight it, you only reduce your concentration on driving. There is only one thing to do if you are feeling tired while driving, take a break immediately.