Doing Business with the City

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Department Purchases

Within the City's established policies, City departments have the authority to purchase between $0 and $2,499. If you sell small dollar items which are not covered under an annual contract, you may be able to sell directly to a City department. Your first contact; however, should be the City's Purchasing Division who can advise how the City buys the item you are selling and who to contact.

For Purchases $2,500-$24,999

Purchases between $2,500-$24,999 are generally bid through an informal bid process. These purchases are handled by written quotes/bids. An invitation to bid (ITB) is the solicitation of written offers and/or pricing based on specifications of the required equipment, material, and/or general service. These are not publicly advertised and there is not a public opening.

For Purchases above $25,000

These bids are considered as formal sealed bids. They are advertised for a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to bid opening and the contract award must be approved by the Mayor and City Council. Bids are advertised in the Roswell Neighbor, on the City's Government Channel-Comcast #22, and posted on the City's web site.

Pre-bid conferences are held for formal sealed bids to provide bidders with the opportunity to ask questions regarding the bid. The bid solicitation outlines the time and place for the pre-bid conference.

A public bid opening is required for formal sealed bids. Public bid openings are generally held on Thursdays at 2:00 PM in the Purchasing Division Office on the first floor of City Hall on the date specified in the solicitation. Bids must be stamped in at the Purchasing Division prior to the 2:00 PM deadline in order to be accepted.

Annual contracts are used to purchase many goods and services which the City buys repetitively over the course of a year. Annual contracts are bid for estimated quantities of commodities, equipment, or services, at a firm price, for a specified period of time, usually one year with possible renewals. Awards are made to qualified single or multiple vendors who meet specifications and conditions. Estimated quantities are based on prior usage by City departments but are not guaranteed.

Construction Services

Construction services are processed under the competitive bid process described earlier for purchases of $25,000 or more. Construction contractors are required to post performance and payment bonds in an amount equal to the contract award unless the contract is under $40,000. Construction bidders are also generally required to post a 5% bid bond at the time of bid submission. Evidence of liability and workers compensation insurance are also required after bid award. Any waiver of bonds will be noted clearly in the solicitation.

All construction contracts are bid through the City Purchasing Division. The same bid application as previously described should be used to register to bid on construction services.

Local Vendor Preference

The City of Roswell has enacted a Local Vendor Preference ordinance which applies to all informal and formal procurements greater than $10,000 excluding construction projects; professional and consulting services; federally funded projects; and online/electronic sealed bid/reverse auctions. A local vendor's responsive and responsible bid will be given preference in the contract award if the bid is within two percent (2%) of the low bid offered by a non-local vendor. The Local Vendor must operate and maintain a brick and mortar business within the corporate limits of the City of Roswell; have a current Occupation Tax Certificate; paid in full all real and personal taxes owed the City; and which upon application has been certified as a "Local Vendor" (has submitted a vendor application and indicated in the bid documents vendor is participating as a local vendor) prior to bid due date and time.

Vendor Information