The City of Roswell will be conducting scheduled system maintenance on Dec. 15, 2018 from 6:00 AM to noon. During this time, online bill pay services and RecTrac will be offline and inaccessible. We appreciate your patience. Find out more here.

The City of Roswell's Water Treatment Plant is a 6,620-square-foot facility that provides water to approximately 5,500 customers in the city. Completed in 2016, the plant replaced its 80-year-old counterpart, which was built in 1935. The new plant can produce 3.3 million gallons per day.  

The plant features a state-of-the-art SCADA control system, energy-efficient fixtures and materials, variable speed motors, power monitoring systems, recycled materials incorporated into construction, redundancy on every piece of equipment (which increases operations reliability), integration with groundwater production for maximum efficiency, and stormwater low-impact development best management practices, such as pavers and bioretention ponds. 


Water Plant Benefits

The plant is forecasted to save the City $11.6 million over a 20-year period through reduced water purchases from Fulton County and reduced costs to repair and refurbish the old equipment in the 80-year-old plant

Additional benefits include maintaining local control over a key portion of the City’s water resources, securing the City’s future water supply by ensuring treatment capacity as the community grows, and allowing Roswell to serve as a regional leader in responding to the governor’s call to develop additional water resources to support the metro Atlanta region’s water supply plan.