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Leaking or Overflowing Sewers

If you notice a leaking or overflowing sewer manhole, please contact the Fulton County Wastewater Collection System Maintenance Division at 404-612-3061. For more information, please visit the Fulton County website.

Illicit Discharge

If you notice illicit discharge to streams please contact the City of Roswell Department of Stormwater Management at 770-641-3707 or Illicit discharge is any discharge to a storm sewer that is not composed entirely of storm water.

Examples of direct illicit discharges include:

  • sanitary wastewater piping that is directly connected from a home to the storm sewer,
  • materials (e.g., used motor oil) that have been dumped illegally into a storm drain catch basin,
  • a shop floor drain that is connected to the storm sewer,
  • a cross-connection between the municipal sewer and storm sewer systems