The City of Roswell will reopen City Hall (38 Hill Street) and their facility at 1810 Hembree Road on Monday, June 15, 2020. Both facilities will resume normal business hours and will be open for walk-in appointments, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please visit for details and for information regarding the City of Roswell coronavirus response.


The City of Roswell is creating its 2040 Comprehensive Plan. This plan will provide long-range policy direction for land use, transportation, economic development, housing, public facilities, inter-governmental agreements, and natural/cultural resources. The process involves a variety of stakeholders including elected officials, city staff, a comprehensive plan advisory committee, regulatory agencies, a consultant team led by Pond & Company, and the general public. The comprehensive plan advisory committee will assist in collecting and discussing public input and help formulate the plan.

Beginning July 8, members of the public are encouraged to take part in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan by visiting the Roswell Comprehensive Plan webpage here. Find information, events, and the virtual activities you can use to leave your mark on Roswell.


2035 Comprehensive Plan (Currently in use)

Please see the link below for the adopted 3035 plan and supporting materials.

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A Future Development Map is included in the Plan and serves as a graphic representation of the type of development that the City desires. This map identifies different character areas of the City and is accompanied by a narrative description of each area which includes a vision/intent, design principles and goals.


  • How do you implement a Comprehensive Plan?
  • How does this plan relate to other planning efforts?
  • How are environmental issues addressed in the Comprehensive Plan?
  • What is not considered part of a Comprehensive Plan?
  • Can the Comprehensive Plan be changed?
  • What is the difference between the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning Ordinance?
  • Why do we need a Comprehensive Plan?
  • What is a Comprehensive Plan?
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