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In October 2016, Roswell completed its 2035 Comprehensive Plan to provide long-range policy direction for land use, transportation, economic development, housing, public facilities, inter-governmental agreements and natural/cultural resources.

The process involved a variety of stakeholders including Elected Officials, City Staff, a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee, Regulatory Agencies, a Consultant Team led by Pond & Company, and the General Public.

Please see the links below for the adopted plan and supporting materials.


Community Meetings - March 2016

To provide comments, please email Jackie Deibel.

Community Meetings - December 2015 & January 2016

Additional Resources

2030 Comprehensive Plan

FDM Exercise-thumbRoswell's 2030 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Mayor and City Council in 2010, after review by the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

A Future Development Map is included in the Plan and serves as a graphic representation of the type of development that the City desires for the 2030 planning horizon. This map identifies different character areas of the City and is accompanied by a narrative description of each area which includes a vision/intent, design principles and goals. The Future Land Use map that accompanies the 2030 Comprehensive Plan can be obtained through the GIS Division.


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  • What is a Comprehensive Plan?
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