The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division supports the activities of the City of Roswell and its citizens by maintaining and disseminating accurate, current and complete geospatial data.


The GIS Division is responsible for updating and maintaining a variety of data layers including, but not limited to, Parcels, Land Use, Zoning, Street Centerlines, Addresses, Lakes & Streams, City Limits, and Building Footprints.

The City GIS empowers managers and citizens to make decisions that impact the future of the City of Roswell in a conversant and logical approach.

Interactive Mapping

The Division also maintains, updates, and supports a web-based GIS Roswell Map Viewer system available internally as well as to the general public. This tool enable citizens to view, query, and locate specific information related to Base Mapping, Land Use, Zoning, Engineering, Subdivisions, Parks, and Watersheds.


  • Where is my sewer tap located?
  • Where is my septic tank located?
  • Where can I get a copy of a plat?
  • Where do I go to turn on aerial photos?
  • Where do I go for help with online mapping?
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