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Digital Data Submission Standards

Plat Drawing
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As of November 1, 2017, each plat, subdivision map, or as-built delivered to the City of Roswell (as required by ordinance or policy) shall be delivered digitally in addition to standard hard copy documents. Permits and/or approvals will not be issued until the successful review of the digital data submissions.

The City of Roswell developed the digital plat submittal format and data standards contained in this design directive to conform all Land Disturbance Permit application submissions, Final Plat submissions (including the required stormwater as-built data), and any subsequent revisions to an approved Final Plat, as well as to streamline the integration of this digital information into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) datasets. The intention of the data quality/integrity is that digital versions of the data must be of sufficient precision that it can be easily converted to a GIS format. Adherence to these standards will make the review & approval process more efficient.

The digital submission forms can be found immediately below, with detailed instructions and additional explanation further below.

Digital Data Submission Form

Digital Data Submission Standards

Digital Data Submission Standard Operating Procedures

Digital Data Submission Example

Any deviation from these standardss requires prior approval from the City of Roswell. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in denial of application. Updates to these standards will be made periodically and posted below.

Digital Data Submission Instructions
Please refer to the Standard Operating Procedures Manual for instructions regarding properly formatting files for data submission. Only files that meet the formatting requirements of the Digital Data Submission Standards will be accepted.


Digital Data Submission
Digital files should be submitted using the ShareFile form below.
  • This will be the only accepted delivery method (no CD-ROM, flash drive, or E-mail attachment).
  • Files must be formatted to meet the Digital Data Submission Standards prior to uploading.
  • When uploading the files, a submission form must be completed, which includes the following:
    • Project Name (subdivision name, or accepted job name, etc.)
    • Filing Date
    • Company / Firm Name
    • Registered Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer's Name

ShareFile Digital Data Submission Form

If you unable to access the submission form above, please click here to access the submission form externally.

Digital Data Submission Standards
Last Updated November 15, 2017

Digital Files

The following is a list of electronic deliverables to be submitted:
  1. A completed digital drawing in an Esri format (Shapefiles or Geodatabase). This digitally formatted data shall be a replica of feature data required and/or included on the submitted hard copy drawing/document. Details of the digital data standards can be found below.
  2. An Adobe compatible PDF file of the drawing that will plot to scale.

Digital Files Delivery Schedule

Events described in the following schedule require the submission of a digital copy of the data:
  • Upon approval of Land Disturbance Permit.
  • Upon acceptance of Final Plat.
  • Upon acceptance of Final Plat revisions (as applicable by the City Engineer).
  • Prior to release of bonds and/or Certificate of Occupancy.

Data Standards

The following standards must be observed during the creation and delivery of the digital data:
  • All drawings will be constructed in the Georgia State Plane Coordinate System in feet using NAD 1983 StatePlane Georgia West FIPS 1002 Feet. These coordinates must be established within sub-meter accuracy.
  • All files should be to scale.
  • All data shall be completed using standard graphics that require no "third-party" software.
  • Digital line work must be topologically clean:
    • Lines must be geometrically continuous and boundaries must be geometrically closed with no "undershoots" or "dangles" where boundaries intersect.
    • The digital line work must not include "sliver polygons" (gaps or overlaps between properties).
    • All traverse/polygon features will be "snapped" closed at intersections.
  • All features in the required layers should be represented by the indicated geometry type (polygon, polyline, or point).
  • Please refer to the Digital Data Submission Standards (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) for the correct layer name, attribute types, and attribute names.
    • Only the layers that are specified in the spreadsheet need to be submitted.
    • Extraneous data, such as control points, annotation, etc., may be submitted, but only as separate layers and not contained within the data layers specified in the standards.
    • Text and features not pertinent to data features, such as page numbers and title block information, are not to be submitted in the GIS data layers, but should be in the PDF.
An example of a digital submission has been created and is available for download at Examples are available in GIS (.shp, .gdb) file formats. These files represent a fictitious plat, and contain examples of the layers and feature types that are expected from these data standards.

Layer Names, Feature Types, and Descriptions

The Digital Data Submission Standards (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) contains the layer names, attribute types, attribute names, fields, and descriptions of the necessary features of the Digital Data Submission. Spelling, naming convention, and field length must be strictly observed. If present within the project, all data referenced by the spreadsheet are required, unless approved by the City of Roswell. Additional data fields may be added if desired.