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Signs and Handbills

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Signs - Unified Development Code Section 10.3
It is unlawful to post, display, change, or erect a sign without obtaining a sign permit. Contact the Community Development Department for a permit at 770-641-3780.

Signs - Yard / Garage Sale - Unified Development Code Section
A permit is required prior to any yard / garage sale. Sales are limited to three per year. Up to six signs may be permitted per sale and are not permitted within the right of way or on utility poles, traffic signs, and trees. Signs are allowed on private property with the permission of the property owner.

Permits may be obtained from the Community Development Department at 770-641-3780.

Signs - Real Estate - Unified Development Code Section 10.3.6.A.5
Real estate directional signs shall be allowed for a maximum period of 2 consecutive days in any one week.
The following rules shall apply to all such signs:
  1. Maximum of three (3) off-premises signs per house/lot.
  2. Such signs shall be located within two (2) miles of the property to which they refer, as measured along existing streets.
  3. No such sign shall be located on any public right-of-way.
  4. Signs shall not exceed a maximum area of four (4) square feet.
  5. Not more than one (1) such sign shall be allowed at any "T" intersection.
  6. No more than two (2) such signs shall be allowed at any four-way intersection.
  7. Such signs shall not have any balloons, streamers, and pennants, etc. attached.
  8. Such signs shall not be illuminated.
  9. Such directional signs shall only be placed on property with the owner's express written permission.

Handbills - City Code Chapter 8.9
No handbill may be distributed unless the receiver is willing to accept it.  Handbills may not be placed on unoccupied vehicles or where a "NO HANDBILLS" insignia is displayed or where it may be carried by the elements.

Additional Information
For more information, please view the full City Code online.