Building Permit Placards

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Building Permit Placard guidelines are as follows:
  • Work requiring a building permit shall not be started until the permit holder posts the City-issued building permit yard placard in a conspicuous place at the front of the premises where the permitted work is to be done.
    • If a permit yard placard is not posted on site, the City will not provide inspections for the work being completed as required by the applicable codes.
  • Permit yard placards must be accessible and readable from the public right-of-way and located in a position to allow permit inspectors to view it and make any required entries thereon.
  • Permit yard placards shall be maintained in position until all required final inspections have been approved and have received the necessary sign-off with the building or system ready for occupancy and use.
  • The permit holder is responsible for maintaining the yard placard by protecting it from the weather.
    • All damaged, lost, or stolen permit yard placards shall be replaced before further inspections can be made.

Additional Information

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