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Building Process Flowcharts

Inspection Requests

It shall be the duty of the permit holder or their agent to notify the City Building Inspection Department that the site is ready for an inspection for the following Required Inspections. Work shall not be done beyond the point indicated in each successive inspection until inspector has approved such work. Any portion that does not comply at the time of inspection requires a re-inspection and shall not be covered or concealed until approved by the Inspector. A copy of the stamped construction plans “reviewed for code compliance” shall be kept on site when required. 

To schedule, email the request to prior to 4:00 PM to schedule a next day inspection. Inspection requests received after 4:00 PM will be scheduled two days out. All inspections emailed in on Friday will be scheduled for the following Monday. 

Each inspection below is a separate inspection and must be inspected in the following order:

  1. Foundation and Foundation Wall Inspection – Foundation inspection shall be made AFTER trenches are excavated, the reinforcement steel is in place, forms erected, and PRIOR to the placing of concrete.
  2. Underground Inspections – Underground inspection shall be made AFTER trenches or ditches are excavated, Electrical - Conduit or Cable Installed; Mechanical – Underground duct and fuel piping installed; Plumbing – Piping installed; BEFORE ANY BACKFILL.
  3. Slab Inspection – Slab inspection shall be made just PRIOR to placing of concrete.
  4. Exterior Framing Inspection – This inspection of the exterior wall sheathing fasteners and braced wall panels shall be made PRIOR to concealment by building wrap and other moisture barrier systems.
  5. Moisture Barrier Inspection – Inspection of the building wrap, membranes, flashings, and any other required moisture barrier systems shall be made PRIOR to the installation of the exterior finishing materials. NOTE: this inspection may be made in conjunction with the required Framing/Rough Inspection.
  6. Frame Inspection/Rough Inspection – Inspection of framing construction shall be made AFTER the roof, all framing, fire stopping, sheathing, draft stopping, bracing and fasteners are in place. The Rough Inspection of plumbing, mechanical, gas and electrical systems shall be made PRIOR to covering or concealment, BEFORE fixtures or appliances are set or installed.
  7. Insulation Inspection – To ensure an energy-controlled building envelop, the inspection of the building insulation must be made PRIOR to covering or concealing the insulation from view.
  8. Final Inspection – Final inspection shall be made AFTER the building is complete and is ready for immediate occupancy.
Prior to calling for an inspection, the following must be on the job site OR inspection will not be performed,MUST reschedule the inspection: 
  1. Inspection will NOT be performed on structures until required permits are approved.
  2. Permit card and sign off sheet must be posted on job site in a weather-tight permit box and must remain on job site until a certificate of occupancy or completion is issued by the Building Official.
  3. If inspector arrives at the job site and the job is not ready for inspection, the inspector will leave notice on site stating: (Structure was NOT inspected, must email to schedule a re-inspection).

Please Note: In an effort to cut down on unnecessary confusion and to make for a more efficient process, re-inspection for a failed inspection cannot be scheduled until the next business day. This allows the inspector time to result the failed inspection in the system. Also, it allow the applicant/builder time to correct the failed items and to pay the re-inspection fee.


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