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Information for Drivers under 21

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YOU SHOULD CONSULT WITH YOUR OWN ATTORNEY because what happens in Court can affect your pocketbook, your driving privileges, and your freedom.

Legal Advice

Court employees are not allowed to provide you with advice on how to handle your case. They cannot tell you what a Judge, or Solicitor, will do with your case. They cannot fill out forms, waivers, or applications for you. They can tell you how Court operates, and what will take place when you come to Court. and can answer questions about procedures.

The following information applies to traffic, and other "License related Offenses" (Title 40), and to Criminal, Alcohol, and Drug related offenses (OCGA Titles 3 & 16). Please understand that these conditions are mandated by the state of Georgia and City of Roswell Court Clerks do not have the authority to waive or modify them.

Information for drivers under 21

Underage possession, or consumption, of alcohol and/or marijuana may be a license offense, and a conviction, or guilty plea, can result in a suspension of your driving privileges as well as branding you with a criminal record which will stay with you for the rest of your life. It does not matter that you were not driving.

Information for drivers under 18

The graduated system of licensing imposes significant sanctions against those persons under 18 up to, and including, suspension/revocation of your license. If you are under 18 you should consult with your attorney or the Department of Driver Services before doing anything with your case.

Information for drivers under 17

Roswell Municipal Court cannot handle your case. If you are under 17 your case has been sent to Juvenile Court, and you should contact the Juvenile Court of your County of residence as shown on your ticket.