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Update on Big Creek Parkway

Post Date:09/10/2019

Proposed Scope ChangeRoswell Mayor and Council unanimously approved the Big Creek Parkway alignment change at the September 9, 2019, Mayor and Council meeting. Big Creek Parkway is the largest of Roswell's TSPLOST (Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) projects.

The goals of the Big Creek Parkway project are to:

  • Improve connectivity and reduce congestion by providing an alternative to the Holcomb Bridge Road interchange for travelers going between east and west Roswell.
  • Improve bike and pedestrian connectivity by incorporating sidewalks and bicycle paths.

Why is Roswell changing the alignment of this project?

In early 2019, Roswell was approached by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) regarding a potential partnership to redesign and replace the interchange at Holcomb Bridge Road (HBR) and GA-400 as part of GDOT’s proposed GA-400 Express Lane project.

The Challenge of the HBR/GA-400 Interchange

With more than 70,000 vehicles per day and as Roswell’s only access to GA-400, this interchange is the City's largest transportation challenge. It is the most heavily traveled east-west interchange north of Interstate 285 and creates significant traffic congestion.

Partnering to Improve HBR/GA-400

In an effort to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve the HBR/400 interchange, Roswell Mayor and City Council pledged to assist GDOT with the costs of the project and directed Roswell Department of Transportation (RDOT) staff to look for cost savings on existing TSPLOST projects to financially support the partnership.

Benefits Of The Realignment

Modifying the alignment of Big Creek Parkway allows the City to:

  • Contribute $15 million toward the HBR/400 interchange improvement
  • Reduce wetland impacts
  • Require fewer residential displacements than the original design
  • Still improve east-west mobility similar to the original design
  • Still handle comparable traffic volumes
  • Still be constructed as a complete street, and will include bike lanes, sidewalks, and multi-use trails

To learn more, please see the Roswell Department of Transportation’s most recent presentation regarding the proposed realignment from the Work Session on August 26, 2019.

Benefits of a Redesigned Holcomb Bridge Road Bridge and Interchange

  • Less congestion on Holcomb Bridge Road
  • Safer ramp intersections
  • A Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station at Holcomb Bridge Road
  • A bicycle and pedestrian connection to the BRT station.
  • Economic development in the area as a result of the transit improvements.

Upgrades to Holcomb Woods Parkway

Simultaneous with the Big Creek Parkway project, the City of Roswell will upgrade Holcomb Woods Parkway to improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity.

In its current configuration, Holcomb Woods Parkway has four lanes (two in each direction) and has sidewalks along approximately 80 percent of the road. In addition to filling in gaps in the existing sidewalk network along the road, the City will repurpose two existing travel lanes in each direction to create dedicated bicycle lanes. Vehicular traffic will travel in one lane in each direction. This new configuration will still adequately support vehicular traffic volumes, while improving bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

The estimated cost for this project is $280,000, with funding coming from non-TSPLOST/standard annual funding sources over the next several years, including the Sidewalk Connectivity Program, the Speed Management and Pedestrian Safety Program, the Resurfacing Program, and Traffic Operations funds.

View a map of the upgrade area.


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Please Note: These are just the most recent meetings regarding this project, which dates back many years. Additional meeting agendas/minutes dating back to November 2014 are available at For meetings prior to November 2014, click here.

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