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Fire Chief Recognizes 2016 Fire Department Award Recipients

Post Date:02/22/2017 9:57 AM

The City of Roswell’s Fire Department honored staff members for their bravery, dedication and outstanding performances to Roswell and its residents, at the most recent Mayor and Council meeting.

Fire Chief Ricky Burnette presented several awards ranging from Firefighter of the Year to Medical Life Saving awards.
Firefighter of the Year was awarded to the late Frank Martinez, 45, for the strength he exhibited as a firefighter. Chief Burnette said of Martinez, “He was a firefighter’s firefighter. He was always there for his brother or sister firefighter no matter what.” To accept his award was his wife and two sons. Martinez passed away last December after a two year battle with cancer.

The Employee of the Year award is chosen by peers within the fire department to an excellent employee who exhibits the values of the fire department. This year, Captain Pabel Troche was notably selected for his strong work ethic, willingness to assist all around him and his selflessness.

Officer of the Year was also awarded to Captain Troche as peers recognized him for his strong leadership skills and traits of a true leader. He unofficially and officially served as a mentor to many as he is respected by all and serves as a true resource for others within the department.

The highest recognition with the department, the Fire Chief’s Recognition Award, was awarded on Dec. 17, just three days before the passing of the recipient. Martinez was selected by chief officers for this award for his resilience, distinctiveness and sincere kindness exhibited through his impact on not only the Roswell Fire Department, but the profession as a whole.

Four separate critical incidents involving residents suffering from cardiac arrest landed several members of the fire department Medical Life Saving Awards. If not for quick actions, proper protocol and extreme composure during these incidents, some residents may not have been able to celebrate life with loved ones today.

The following personnel were awarded Medical Life Saving Awards for their roles in saving lives in 2016:

  • Captain Daniel Sullivan
  • FF/EMT-I Chris Barney
  • FF/EMT-I Miguel Merritt
  • FF/EMT-I James Laudermilk
  • FF/EMT-I Seth Bowen
  • FF/PMDC Keith “Doc" Schneider
  • FF/EMT-I Andy Rivero
  • FF/PMDC Eric Hatten
  • FF/EMT-I Thomas Covington
  • FF/PMDC Mark Akins
  • FF/EMT-I Kevin Lewis
  • FF Travis Ward
  • FF/PMDC Andrew Riley
  • Captain Brent Pennington
  • FF/PMDC Craig Delay
  • FF/EMT-I Chris Hilton
  • FF/PMDC Josh Carter
  • FF/EMT-A Eric Stover
  • FF/EMT-I Eric Evans
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