Welcome to the City of Roswell Georgia
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Welcome to the City of Roswell Georgia

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Code Enforcement
The Code Enforcement Office focuses on compliance with all city codes and ordinances tham may affect the city's quality of life, its aesthetics, and the welfare of its citizens. Code Enforcement works each and every day to ensure that Roswell remains a safe and desirable place to live and do business for all of our residents and visitors. It is their job to help maintain the quality of our community. They do this through a fair and unbiased enforcement program which corrects violations of Roswell’s City Code that has been voted on and approved by Mayor and Council.

The objective of code enforcement is to obtain voluntary compliance. Prosecuting a code violation is the least efficient way to guarantee compliance. Therefore, education and guidance are the primary services rendered by a Code Enforcement Officer. Our officers work with residents, neighborhood associations, businesses, nonprofits and other City Departments to ensure Roswell remains the best place in Georgia to live, work and play.
Code Enforcement also ensures:

Residents & business properties are properly maintained.
Trash & debris are disposed of.
Inoperative/junk vehicles are not illegally stored.
Signs are not illegally posted.

Code Enforcment does not handle enforcement of the Building Code or Land Development Code.

View Common Code Enforcement Concerns.

Code Enforcement Officers
  • Mike Tooley
  • Ebony Jefferson
  • John Mahone
Ph: 770-594-6101
Fx: 770-594-6295
Angie Tkacsik
Code Enforcement Supervisor
Ph: 770-641-3957
Fx: 770-594-6295

Dana Bohac
Administrative Assistant
Ph: 770-594-6164
Fx: 770-594-6295

38 Hill Street
Suite G-30
Roswell, GA  30075

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

38 Hill Street, Roswell, GA 30075, 770-641-3727