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Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon
HAWK Beacon in Suwanee
A new type of traffic signal, called a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon, provides a signalized pedestrian crossing at a mid-block location.  While slightly different in appearance, this signal functions very similarly to a conventional pedestrian signal in that it stops traffic to allow pedestrians to cross safely.

What is a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (formally known as "HAWK Beacons") have been used safely and successfully in Tucson, AZ for more than five years.  In the Atlanta region, the City of Suwanee and DeKalb County have installed Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons and have seen early successes.  The Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon differs from a traditional traffic signal in that it remains dark unless a pedestrian activates the pushbutton at which time vehicular traffic is stopped.

The Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Sequence

When the pedestrian presses the button, approaching drivers will see a FLASHING YELLOW for a few seconds indicating that they should reduce speed and be prepared to stop for a pedestrian in the crosswalk.  This is followed by a SOLID YELLOW and then by a solid RED requiring drivers to STOP at the stop line.  At this point, the pedestrian receives a WALK indication on the associated countdown timer.  At the end of the WALK indication, the pedestrian is displayed a FLASHING DON’T WALK indication and motorist sees an ALTERNATING FLASHING RED.  During this period, motorists are required to STOP or remain stopped until pedestrians have finished crossing the street, and then may proceed.

The sequence is shown graphically below:

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Sequence (PowerPoint show)

HAWK Beacon in Arizona
What are the advantages of a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon?

Studies have shown a better compliance rate by motorists with a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon than other devices at mid-block pedestrian crossings.  Often these mid-block crossing locations do not meet engineering standards for installation of a conventional traffic signal so the City investigates other alternatives.

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons in Roswell?

Roswell DOT staff is investigating locations that would be appropriate for the installation of a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon.  Once several potential locations have been identified, staff will bring them before the Mayor and City Council for guidance and identification of funding.

Learn more about Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons by viewing a video produced by the Tucson, AZ DOT.

Review a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon brochure published by the City of Alexandria, VA.

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