Welcome to the City of Roswell Georgia
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Welcome to the City of Roswell Georgia

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Police Reports
*NOTICE: Online reports are unavailable.*

Incident and Accident Reports may be obtained at:

Roswell Police Department
Records Section
39 Hill St
Roswell, GA 30075
Phone:  770-640-4120

Reports may be picked up in person at Records:       MONDAY - FRIDAY    8:00 AM - 4:45 PM    
There is no charge to pick up a report in person.
Police reports are usually available three business days after the report is taken.  To get the status of a police report, please call or email:  with the case number, date of report, your name and contact information.

Reports may be emailed, mailed or faxed as follows:

Accident Reports:
Mail a written request including a check for $5.00 to Roswell Police Department.  Include case number, date of accident, your name and how you wish to receive the report (email, fax, or U.S. mail).  If you are not listed on the report, you will need to complete a Statement of Need form.  To receive an Accident Report via U.S. mail, send a stamped, self addressed envelop with your request.

Incident Reports:
Fax (770-640-4271) or email your request to Police Records, .  Include case number, date of incident, your name and contact information and method you wish to receive the report (fax, mail or email).  There is no charge for one copy of an initial incident report.  To receive an Incident Report via U.S. mail, send a stamped, self addressed envelope with your request.

Georgia Open Records law makes most basic initial incident reports available to the general public.  Multiple reports or other information included in a report/investigation must be requested in writing.  Please be advised that certain records are not releasable under Open Records due to cases being Active/Pending Investigation/Pending Prosecution/the nature of a crime or incidents with Juveniles involved.

Criminal History Reports
For information on how to obtain a criminal history report, please view Criminal History Request.

38 Hill Street, Roswell, GA 30075, 770-641-3727