Welcome to the City of Roswell Georgia
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Welcome to the City of Roswell Georgia

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Severe Weather Warning System
The City of Roswell has purchased and installed nine emergency warning sirens and has placed them in strategic locations throughout the City, primarily within outside gathering areas including schools and parks. The sirens are mounted atop 55-foot tall telephone-type poles.

View Roswell's Emergency Warning Siren Locations.

Roswell’s Emergency Management Agency conducts a monthly test on the sirens. This test takes place at noon on the first Wednesday of every month. The test consists of activation of the warning system for approximately three minutes or one audible sequence. The test is activated remotely by computer from Roswell’s 9-1-1 center.

View Roswell's Siren Testing System video.

Actual Emergencies
In the event of an actual emergency, the siren’s audible signal could sound for more than one sequence. If this situation should arise, citizens should check local news (radio or television) for severe weather alert information and carefully follow instructions. The sirens will be activated when severe weather conditions have been indicated or when public safety personnel deem an emergency condition exists that warrants notification of the public.

Additional Information
For more information concerning the City of Roswell’s Emergency Warning System, please contact the Roswell Fire Department at 770-641-3730.

38 Hill Street, Roswell, GA 30075, 770-641-3727