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Welcome to the City of Roswell Georgia

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Public Fire Safety
The Roswell Fire Department is proud of its accomplishments in the field of Public Fire Safety Education. From the early 1980s until now, the number of children and adults being delivered quality fire safety education has grown tremendously. The number of classes taught annually increased from 118 to as many as 572. The annual attendance for these classes has grown from 6,660 to almost 16,000 participants.

We are capable of offering many different types of fire safety classes to various ages, businesses, and community interest groups. Classes are available to any public or private school, day care center, church, business, and civic group. The Fulton County Public Schools that are located within the City limits provide the greatest number of people we instruct.

The commitment that our community has made to fire safety contributes to Roswell having one of the lowest fire-related death rates in the state.

The Fire Marshal’s Office has information packets that will help you in your effort to make your home more fire-safe. We also have home inspection checklists available for your use.

We want everyone to get rid of the apathy they have towards fire safety and continue to make Roswell one of the most fire-safe communities in Georgia.

Additional Information
For information or to receive information regarding home inspections and escape planning, please call us at 770-641-3730.

Fire Safety Curriculum
In cooperation with the schools, we developed a fire safety curriculum that encompasses the most valuable information and instruction for the children of our community.

They are taught:
  • Basic fire chemistry, which includes experiments and videotapes
  • Home fire safety inspections, which teaches them the importance of fire prevention
  • Home fire escape, which teaches them alternative ways to escape from their home
The children are given various homework assignments and are strongly encouraged to have their family participate in the completion of the assignment. Fire safety is a family responsibility and the entire family should practice together.

Several years ago a child was responsible for saving the lives of his family members from a fire in their home. He attributed his calm and prompt reactions during the emergency to the lessons he learned about fire safety from Fireman Tony.

Additional Information
For more information, please call 770-641-3730.

Home & Escape Plan
The Roswell Fire Department puts forth a great deal of effort to promote fire safety in our community. We would like everyone to evaluate their fire safety and escape plans in their homes. A fire-safe home can be accomplished two ways:
Periodic Fire Inspections
Prevent fires by conducting periodic fire inspections of your home. Go through your house and pretend you are a Fire Marshal. Identify and correct all of the hazards you find. Have your children go on the fire inspection with you and pretend they are your Assistant Fire Marshal and explain the importance of your actions.
What to Look For
An inspection should include all areas of your home, including the basement and attic spaces. Look for overloaded electrical outlets, improper storage of gasoline and other flammable liquids, and clutter around furnaces and water heaters.

Fire Place Safety
Remember to have your chimney cleaned on a regular basis to prevent buildup of flammable creosol. Dispose of your fireplace ashes in a metal container, but do this only after you have waited until they have cooled.

Smoke Detector Safety
Be sure to have smoke detectors on all levels of your home and check them on a monthly basis. Change the batteries every six months. The lack of or improper maintenance of smoke detectors results in many deaths every year in the U.S.

Fire Escape Planning
Fire escape planning is essential because we may not be able to prevent all fires. Fire escape planning must be done with the entire family involved.
Planning & Practice
Draw a fire escape plan for your house. Practice the plan and discuss potential problems with your family. Decide as a family what each member’s responsibility will be during a fire.

Plan for the worst scenario and do not ever have the attitude that a fire cannot happen in your home. Apathy is one of the worst things a family could have when it comes to keeping a fire-safe home.

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