Welcome to the City of Roswell Georgia
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Welcome to the City of Roswell Georgia

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Infrastructure-$8.7 Million
HBR/400 Improvements

Holcomb Bridge Road (HBR) at SR 400 Interchange Improvements - $6 million

Project Benefits
These improvements are a continuation of the City’s efforts to improve traffic flow and safety at this busy interchange that handles 70,000 cars daily. This step involves a series of projects that will further improve mobility and safety.

The City has been working in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). GDOT has committed to fund several projects in the interchange area.

Project Details May Include:
  • Adding a third westbound through lane on Holcomb Bridge Road from Old Alabama Road to the northbound SR 400 on-ramp.
  • Constructing an early-off ramp from northbound SR 400 connecting to Market Boulevard.
  • Aesthetic improvements at and near the interchange that could include decorative walls and fences, landscaping, signal mast arms and decorative street lights.

Click here to learn more about the GDOT funded projects and the HBR Corridor Study.

Holcomb Bridge Road Multi-Use Trail - $1.5 million
HBR Multi Use Trail
HBR Multi-Use Trail
Project Benefits 
The construction of this multi-use trail will connect the Horseshoe Bend subdivision to Holcomb Bridge Middle School and its facilities. Residents will be able to walk to the school once the trail is completed.

This project will also connect City trails that are already in place and will eventually connect to Garrard Landing. Residents will also be able to walk or ride their bicycles to shopping, the middle school, and East Roswell Park. This multi-use trail is a continuation of the Steeple Chase/Fouts Trail. Design has been completed and right-of-way acquisition is in progress.

Project Details May Include:
• Constructing an 8-10 foot wide multi-use trail along the south side of Holcomb Bridge Road from Champions Green Parkway to South Holcomb Bridge Road.
• Drainage improvements.
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Eves Road Complete Street - $ 1.2 million
Eves Road Complete Street
Eves Road Complete Street
Project Benefits
This project will develop a complete street, connecting neighborhoods along Eves Road to River Eves Elementary School, the Post Office, the Chattahoochee riverfront and the back entrance to East Roswell Park. This project is part of the Roswell Loop – a trail system connecting City schools and parks.

Project Details May Include:
• Construction of an 8-10 foot wide multi-use trail and 5 foot sidewalk along Eves Road from Riverside Road to Eves Circle.
• Restriping Eves Road to add bicycle-friendly shoulders.
• Drainage improvements, including vegetative swales and landscaping.
• An intersection improvement at Eves Circle which could include a roundabout.
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