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Welcome to the City of Roswell Georgia

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Groveway Community
The Groveway Community Hybrid Form-Based Code Regulations is a great opportunity for the City of Roswell and the community to revitalize this area into a thriving, vibrant neighborhood for our City. The City and the community began the planning process for Groveway back in 2007 for what is now an exciting Renderingsproposal to redevelop this area. With a grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), the City completed a study of Groveway with extensive public involvement. During this first step, a series of short-term and long term recommendation were made relating to land use, urban design and transportation.

In February of 2009, the City was awarded a second ARC grant to hold design charrettes (community stakeholders input exercises) that would result in a more fine-tuned vision for the area. This stakeholder committee spent several months discussing issues, challenges and opportunities along with strategies for meeting the needs of all current and future residents in the area.

The Groveway project has been a community driven effort with multiple meetings for citizen input. The City has held a two-day charrette with citizens, four community meetings and 17 Groveway Stakeholder committee meetings following the charrette. The result is a community vision and comprehensive plan for Groveway: A mixed-use zoning code overlay that will re-create the area, making it a vibrant part of our city.

Groveway Community Project Fact Sheet 

For details of the Groveway project, please read:

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