Roundabouts in Roswell

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Coming Soon: Houze/Hembree Roundabout

Houze Hembree Roundabout Since January 2016, drivers have noticed a significant change happening at the intersection of Houze Road and Hembree Road in Roswell. To improve safety and relieve congestion, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has been transforming this standard, signalized intersection to what will eventually be a two-lane roundabout.

Here is what drivers can anticipate seeing in the coming days and weeks:

  • Paving and Concrete Islands: GDOT contractors will be adding new pavement and concrete islands to the new roundabout through mid-August, weather permitting.

  • One-Lane Roundabout Before Two-Lane Roundabout: Before the intersection transitions to its final configuration as a two-lane roundabout later this fall, it will first be set up as a one-lane roundabout. This is expected to happen by the third weekend of August, but the timing is dependent on weather conditions. Drivers can expect to see contractors removing the traffic signal at this intersection, and then they will reorganize the intersection as a one-lane roundabout. During this time, motorists are strongly encouraged to use caution while traveling through the intersection, as new traffic patterns will be going into effect.

  • Expect Delays: Construction work will be done during daylight hours, but drivers should expect some delays while paving and concrete work continues over the next several days and weeks. Although there will be no road closures, flaggers may be on site to direct traffic through the work zone.

  • Two-Lane Roundabout By End of the Year: Work on the roundabout will continue into the autumn, as contractors complete the second lane and the road approaches. The two-lane version of the roundabout is expected to open later this year.

  • Trail Enhancements: The project also includes a multi-use trail on the south side of Hembree Road that will connect with the existing trail near Upper Hembree Road.

Once completed, the Houze/Hembree Roundabout will be one of the first multi-lane roundabouts on a state route in Georgia. The construction cost for the Houze/Hembree Roundabout is approximately $4.4 million and was funded by GDOT. The City of Roswell contributed $353,500 toward preliminary engineering and design and right-of-way acquisition.

What Is A Roundabout?

Roundabout A roundabout is a one-way circular intersection that reduces traffic congestion, while maximizing safety for all road users. Roswell's first roundabout (in photo to right)—a one-lane roundabout—was completed in 2012 at Grimes Bridge Road and Norcross Street/Warsaw Road and has been very successful.

The Houze/Hembree Roundabout, which is being constructed by Georgia Department of Transportation, will be the first two-lane roundabout on a state road.

Roundabouts are new for many drivers, but following some basic steps will help you safely navigate them.

More About Roundabouts

How to Navigate a Roundabout

Red Deer Video Want to learn how to safely get around a roundabout? Follow the tips below and watch this helpful video from our friends at the City of Red Deer.
  • Take it Slow! Slow down as you approach the roundabout, and yield to pedestrians.

  • Get into the Correct Lane. Pay attention to pavement markings and signage to ensure you're in the correct lane. Use your signal.

  • Right or Straight? Stay in the outside lane.

  • Left or Straight? Stay in the inner lane.

  • Yield to Traffic in Both Lanes of oncoming traffic before entering the roundabout.

  • Do Not Stop or Change Lanes. Stay in your lane until you exit.

How Do I Make a Right? A Left? Go Straight?

Roundabout Cards During their daily commute most people find they approach an intersection from the same direction each day and want to understand how to make a particular type of "turn." We've created a series of Instructional Roundabout Cards to help you study how to safely and successfully navigate around the roundabout.

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