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Holcomb Bridge Road Corridor Study

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HBRat400 The City of Roswell conducted a major transportation study in the area of the Holcomb Bridge Road (SR 140) and SR 400 interchange. The transportation study focused on addressing congestion, tying land use and transportation together, and aesthetic improvements. The study resulted in a cohesive conceptual improvement plan along the HBR corridor which may be implemented in phases to address short-, mid-, and long-term needs. This study was performed for the City by the consulting firms of ARCADIS and Pond & Company.

Final Report

With extensive stakeholder and public outreach, the final study report has been completed. The report provides an overview of the study process, highlights the vision and goals for the area, and creates a master plan to guide future improvements. The study developed a list of 22 projects (see map below) which was prioritized into phases.

Mayor and Council accepted the Final Report on September 12, 2012.

Current Implementation - Status

The Study developed both short-term improvements at the interchange ramps and a major interchange improvement concept. The short-term improvements provide significant operational benefits for relatively low cost.

The City is partnering with the Georgia DOT to implement short-term projects identified in the HBR Corridor Study.  Georgia DOT has currently programmed funding for three projects:  (#2 - HBR at SR 400 Northbound Ramp Intersection), (#3 - HBR at SR 400 Southbound Off-Ramp), and (#6 - HBR at Warsaw Road extended turn lane).  The Georgia DOT projects also include minor improvements to the SR 400 Southbound On-Ramp.

The City passed a local bond referendum to construct additional short-term projects. The projects anticipated to be constructed include (#4 - HBR Westbound Through Lane) and (#9 - Aesthetic Improvements at the Interchange).

Projects #2 - HBR at SR 400 Northbound Ramp Intersection, #3 - HBR at SR 400 Southbound Off-Ramp and #4 - HBR Westbound Through Lane are scheduled to be completed in Spring 2016.

Future Implementation - Major Interchange Improvements

The major interchange improvement concept accommodates future traffic growth and accomplishes many of the goals of the study. The next step is to secure funding for this project; therefore, it is considered a mid-term project. The concept is illustrated by the artistic rendering below.

Traffic Simulation for Mid-Term Holcomb Bridge Road/SR 400 Interchange Improvement

Planners and engineers use traffic simulations to model what could happen with traffic flow if certain improvements are made.  Watch a simulation of traffic patterns if improvements are made at the Holcomb Bridge Road/SR 400 interchange.

Contact Us

If you have questions related to the Study or its Recommendations, contact the City Project Manager, Andrew Antweiler at 678-639-7540.