Sustainability Efforts

City of Roswell Approved Green Policies
The City of Roswell has established a number of policies in support of our green initiatives. Below are a few of those policies.

Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Green Communities Program
The City of Roswell has been certified gold by the Atlanta Regional Commission Green Communities Program.
Energy Saving Efforts

Clean Air Campaign Efforts
The City of Roswell is a Clean Air Campaign Government Champion.

Approved Green Policies

High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures
The City adopted a Georgia Amendment to the 2006 International plumbing Code. This became a minimum mandated code requirement on July 1, 2012. These fixtures reduce the amount of water used.

Green Building Incentives
The City offers these incentives to builders to encourage green building:
  1. Expedited reviews for green building projects
    • Concurrent land development permit and building permit reviews
    • Priority processing
  2. Building Permit fee rebate
    • Under this provision, a project would be eligible for a rebate of the building permit fee of 15% for equivalent to EarthCraft, ENERGY STAR, Water Sense LEED certification. After verification of the designation, the project is issued the applicable rebate.
  3. Marketing
    • Building site signs, designating projects under the program
    • Inclusion on GIS of program for participating projects on the City Webpage
    • Green Building Award, recognizing outstanding commitment to green Building

Green Affordable Housing Incentives
See Green Building Incentives

Outdoor Lighting Efficiency
This ordinance was an adoption of the Fulton County Night Sky Ordinance which ensures that outdoor lighting throughout the community is operated in an efficient manner and exceeds typical lighting ordinances to reduce energy.

Solar Incentives
See Green Building Incentives

Incentives for WaterSense Homes
See Green Building Incentives

Energy Saving Efforts

The City of Roswell is an Energy Star Partner
Energy Star is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.

East Roswell Park Gymnasium Skylight Project Report

East Roswell Park Recreation Center Cool Roof Project
The City has two(2) government cool roofs. The first was installed in 2009 at the City of Roswell Water Treatment Plant, 100 Dobbs Drive, Roswell, GA 30075 the cost savings is approximately $1450/year. The second roof was installed in 2012 at the East Roswell Park: Gymnasium Roof, 900 Fouts Road Roswell, GA 30075.

Government LED Light Bulb Program
The City replaced lighting in City Hall, the Bill Johnson Activity Building with $800,000 worth of energy saving retrofit lighting.
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Renewalable Energy Program (Biofuel & Solar Energy)
The City of Roswell installed four solar powered, LED parking lot fixtures at the Roswell Law Enforcement Center. These lights are powered by solar energy collected by a solar panel mounted within the fixture. The solar energy is stored in four automobile sized, batteries also mounted within the fixture. The stored energy powers the LED lights during darkness and is controlled by logic circuits for the efficient use of stored energy.
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A feasibility study has been completed and a pilot project is planned to use biodiesel in the City’s fleet vehicles. Waste vegetable oil will be collected and traded and/or converted in-house to biodiesel. Currently Roswell is making arrangements to exchange some of its raw vegetable oil for finished biodiesel with the City of Smyrna. Smyrna has the conversion machinery, but not much raw vegetable oil. The biodiesel Roswell receives will be tested in select City vehicles. Roswell has also been monitoring potential grant money to purchase its own production equipment.

Alternate Fuels (Propane Autogas)
The City has entered into a contract with a vendor for Propane Autogas fueling and conversion for our fleet of light-duty trucks, vans and cars. The first phase of conversion is for ten(10) Ford F-150 Pick-Up trucks. The fueling facility has been approved at the Dobbs Drive gasoline island and the contract is for production of the fueling station to be in operation by October 16, 2013.

Greyfield Facilities
The City has remodeled two old homes recently for reuse as City facilities for the public. Arts Center East located at 9100 Fouts Road is a 1960’s residential home. After going through an extensive renovation, it is now open to the public, providing cooking classes, painting classes and an art gallery upstairs and clay, wheel and pottery classes being held downstairs.
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Don White house located at 925-B Riverside Road was previously a single family home owned by the Threat family. The renovated home will now be used for bike rental, office and meeting space.