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Get The Facts at the Rumor Page

The City of Roswell has launched a new web page to help address and dispel misconceptions and misinformation by bringing citizens facts about projects, issues, and concerns within the community.

Located at, the page will cite a "rumor"—a piece of incorrect information that has been circulating within the community or on social media—and counter it with an objective statement based on facts, such as formal codes or regulations related to the matter or the official public record of decisions on a certain issue.

Just the FactsThe page is one of many ways that the City hopes to promote transparency and honesty and strengthen trust within the community.

"Every formal decision made in the City of Roswell goes through an official process. There is a system of checks and balances, strict policies and procedures, and measures for oversight," said Julie Brechbill, Community Relations Manager. "The purpose of this page is not to influence or direct opinion about a particular project or topic; on the contrary, it is to present factual information citizens can use to become better informed about local issues."

Government policies and procedures can be very complex and easily misunderstood. And in an era in which technology and online social networks make sharing information fast and easy, the potential for inaccurate information to spread—however inadvertent—is high.

"We've seen that widespread misinformation has an adverse impact on our community's understanding of not only a particular project or issue, but on the work of local government in general," said Brechbill.

Topic selection will be based on projects, issues, or concerns reported to the City through direct communication with staff, leadership, or elected officials, or on issues that come up with frequency on social media. City staff will research the topic and provide links, when applicable, to supportive documentation.

"The hope is that the City's Rumor Page will become an online touchstone for fact-based communication within our City, enabling opportunities for education and the well-informed discourse needed for true community engagement," said Brechbill.

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