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Welcome to the City of Roswell Georgia

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Roswell Roots Pound Cake Cook-Off

  1. This free event will take place at East Roswell Park Recreation Center on Saturday, February 14th from 1-3pm and will include both professional and amateur categories. There will be a prize in each category for Best Pound Cake chosen by our judges as well as a People’s Choice Award, chosen by the attendees.

  2. 1. Pound Cake must be made from scratch (no pre-made mixes)
    2. Pound Cake must be prepared and served in a sanitary manner
    3. Registration is limited based on space
    4. May be entered as individuals or teams
    5. Competition is open to anyone 12 years and older
    6. Must specify either professional or amateur category
    7. Participants should supply enough pound cake to serve approximately 200 people a bite-sized sample of each recipe submitted.
    8. Creativity with your recipes and table decoration is encouraged.
    9. Participants must submit an ingredients list for each recipe. No lists or recipes will be given out unless you would like to share. This cook-off involves sampling by event attendees, please be aware that liability is based on ingredients cooked in your pound cake. Anyone preparing and serving harmful ingredients will be held liable. Any non-traditional or unusual ingredients must be disclosed to prevent allergic reactions (chilies, peanuts, etc.)
    10. Pound cake should be prepared off-site
    11. Participants must furnish their own serving containers.

  3. 1. All Participants will be allowed to set up no earlier than 11am.
    2. Two chairs and one 6’ folding table will be supplied for each contestant.
    3. Advertisement and decoration of your table is encouraged.
    4. Small tasting cups and paper napkins will be supplied by the Roswell Roots committee.
    5. At the close of the event, all equipment, advertisements, and decorations must be removed from the site, but should remain until 3pm and no later than 4pm.

  4. 1. Taste
    2. Appearance
    3. Consistency

  5. 1. Amateur: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize will be awarded.
    2. Professional: 1st and 2nd place prize will receive an official City of Roswell Pound Cake Cook-Off plaque to proudly display at their business.
    3. People’s Choice winner will be awarded a special gift.

  6. Include eggs, nuts, spices, dairy (measurements not required)

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